From the recording The Order of Things

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I’m putting it down so I can hear
In a voice that’s all too clear
The troubled words of a troubled mind
And meanings only I can find

But will I find my way over
What I’ve lost now that I’m older
Will it haunt me when I see that
Things seem to happen
At the worst time imagined
Like a thief in the night it would bring?

Am I really who I’m supposed to be?
I’ve taken it all so patiently
In another time and another place
To be in the crowd
another face

Who’s trying to find his way over
And he tries to be bolder
And not be tied to the history
That’s made in such moments
And now the floodgates are open
Will he be hung by the order of things

These plans that I’ve made
slow me down
These mistakes
Take time to embrace
Each moment we face

I’m putting it down so I will know
That either it will or else it won’t
If these are dreams inside my head
Will they wither away until they’re dead?

Or will I find my way over
Like a wandering soldier
Who sees the battle play out
And is yearning for freedom
From the memories that keep him
Will he be fighting the order of things?