From the recording The Order of Things

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When the ship comes in
Will I be found wanting
Knowing they’ll send it out again
For those still wandering

Slowly turn the page
In a book bound for the age
Every word a plea
Strange days indeed

If I could only see
The fear with which I’ve been blinded
‘Cause even then you know I could not agree
On what the color of sky is
Even with myself
Much less someone else
Might as well be green
Strange days

And when it comes back for you
Will you turn me away like a long lost lover?
‘Cause what you do
You know you do unto me like the least of the others
If what you do is what you do
It’s gonna come back for you
Back for you

I’ve been thinking of all the ways
We can hurt one another
Today of all days
I can call you my brother
I came the way I am
And I’m not sorry and nor should you be man

I am not in need
But still out at sea
Strange days indeed