From the recording The Order of Things

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When I was young
Eager and dumb
I was a pistol and love was a shot from a gun
There were hearts to be won

Now the phone never rings
And my memory sings
And you come to my mind and I admit now that I have been stung
By what I have done

The less you will know
The faster you go

I stayed in my room
On a warm afternoon
You asked me to come out and play but I sat by myself
Alone on my shelf

Argument made
I sat in the shade
Of self-righteousness that reminds me of love I ain't dealt
And I had no one's help

The more it will show
The faster you go

Time keeps ticking on me
Will you love me, now that I see?

Now is the day
So come back my way
And make no mistake I will shoot and my aim will be true
'Cause it's always been you

Who could set me on fire
And be all I desire
But now and again my heart needs to skip a beat or two
It will always come through

I love you more
Than I did before
The more it will show
The faster we go