1. I Would Like

From the recording Yesterday's Kid

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Zack Branch - Bass
Bill Dixon – Keyboards
Matt Hutchison – Guitar & Vocals
Michael Vincent Ross – Drums


I would like to find the words to say that I know nothing lasts forever
And each day we are together my troubles are a million miles away
(Yet) But it’s a shame that I still let ‘em in
Come find me where I’ve set them and we’ll see
How much harder it could be

I would like to sit with you a while
And while I already know you I’ll find something more to show you
Yes you can overthrow me with your smile
From ten thousand conversations and every rank and station that we’ll find
I’m so happy you are mine

And when I reach out for (to) you in the darkness
You walk to me like a song in a white dress
Tell me it’s all in my head and I’m a hot mess
If only I could see

I would like to say that I love you
Oh yes, say it and then mean it
Not just talk about but be it
I’m afraid to say we haven’t got the time
To put off ‘til tomorrow because our time my dear is borrowed for a while
Yesterday I was a child

I would like to find the words to say…