1. Alexander

From the recording Yesterday's Kid

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Chris Martin – Bass
Matt Hutchison – Guitar & Vocals
Michael Vincent Ross – Drums


Alexander, I think of you tonight
And I drink ‘til I get tight
But you’ll never know

Alexander, I suppose we’ll never see
Just who you were meant to be
But you meant the world to me

What’s in a name – The one your parents give to you?
Is it part of a game – and win or lose it suits you (to make the whole thing suit you)
It was part of a plan
When you became a man
But you didn’t understand

Alexander, you see I talk but make no sense
I have lost the innocence
If I had known Alexander, that they would put you in the ground
I would have come around
To try and turn your world around

That was your name, and on these lips I sing to you
From beyond the grave, I hope my words will find you
Between you and me
No one knew you like me
And I hope you find peace