1. Falling Star

From the recording Yesterday's Kid

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Zack Branch – Bass
Bill Dixon – Keyboards
Matt Hutchison – Guitar & Vocals
Tim Hutchison – Drums


Love me a while as we dance for a mile in the garden
Take me away to where fairytales play in your dreams
I cannot hide so I’ll tell you the truth
This feeling inside I hope you feel too
Too many days melt like candlewax onto the page of my life it seems.

Into the mountains and under a sky of a black sea
Tell me again that the magic within is just for me
I am a child who is far from his home
But wherever this is I don’t feel alone with you
In love with you madly I give myself gladly up all for you

I wished on a falling star

How did we get here – the same time and place dear?
Imagine this minute ordained was just moments from not coming true
A long time ago it was something to see
The moment in time I knew you were for me
But true as my heart was handedly won
I’m forever amazed by the power of one who is
Perfectly timed to the place she arrives now I’m falling too.

I wished on a falling star