From the recording Yesterday's Kid

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Bill Dixon - Keyboards
Matt Hutchison – Guitar & Vocals
Tim Hutchison - Drums
Chris Martin – Bass

Strings arranged by Chris Kennedy and performed by Budapest Scoring


Give it some gas and the motor will whine
Keep your eyes on the road and the rest will go fine
If you don’t take a chance, your star it won’t shine
I’ve been fooling myself only some of the time

And you know now I’m not so sure if this old car can take anymore
When even the bright lights seem to fade on all I did – yesterday’s kid

The lines on my face could tell you a tale of a story I knew
I could tell it so well
But I don’t recognize the person I see who feels forever young and still 23

With every year that passes by it’s a wonder at all that we’re still alive
Where every pull of whiskey measured how we lived – That was yesterday’s kid

And I’m not saying that I’d change a thing
But brother I’ve been thinking that I’d do it again and again and again

Be kind to the young, for they’ll never know
What they called a man when we ran the show
Because seasons will change and old hearts will grow cold
You don’t have to like it, you just do as you’re told

For each little treasure that I chased I realized it wasn’t a race
But kicking up dust in my rear-view look who it is – Here comes yesterday’s kid