From the recording Sell My Heart to the Junkman

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I am a voice of only one
And I don’t speak for anyone but me
Nobody but me

But sometimes when I think about
How I am so much older now it seems
That I’m the best I’ll ever be

I don’t have a lot to give
But what I got you’re welcome to it
We might make it out of this rain alive
But without your love you know I won’t survive
If we don’t ride it out together

No matter how the plans unfold
Mine will be your hand to hold tonight and for the rest of your life
Now all our rights and all our wrongs
Will be plain to see before very long
That’s right
So hold on tight

I may not know everything
But I know now that don’t mean a thing
‘Cause we’ll go up and we’ll go down
If that’s the way that the world goes ‘round
You know what?
We’ll go up or we’ll go down together.

We could make apologies to our deep and darkest dreams
We could be happy just to be
If we wanted to

But we’ll go down together
Yes, we’ll go down together
We’ll go down together
Through any kind of weather
Yes, we’ll go down together