1. Junkman Blues

From the recording Sell My Heart to the Junkman

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See that train coming down the track
Now it’ll be a while before he comes back
I’m out in the junkyard making things look fine
I’m two hours in and I’m double overtime
Take an old refrigerator down a broken elevator
Clearing out the crack house tell you what it’s all about
You know we started our morning down the Old Town Mall
With a needle and a crack pipe and a poem on the wall of four letters

Take me far away from here
Put me on your lines of steel
Take me where the skies are clear and the beer is cold
No there ain’t no mile of track
That I would ride to take me back
Put her on the front page news
I got the Junkman Blues!

You know they got me in a truck with no air conditioning
And I holler at the boss, but he ain’t listening
So when he buys you Gatorade and a 7-Eleven snack
It’s like a kicking in the balls when he pats you on the back

Come on take me for a ride
Lord knows that I have done my time
Now I’m not one to fuss and whine but I’m feeling used
I’m hot and tired as hell
And all my friends who know me well
Say I’m an old timer in a young man’s shoes
I got the Junkman Blues!