1. The Good China

From the recording Three Minute Man

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Singing the songs that we know
Though we’ve still got a long way to go
So don’t try to tell me that I want it only
Though I want it more

I took you far from your home
‘Cause you said you wanted to roam
And you’ve been a good girl not used to the big world
But that’s where I go

I’m putting my sticker at South of the Border
To prove I was there one day when I’m older
When I’m going grey and my mind’s getting rusty
The kids will all hate me and you won’t love me no more
By then what’s a heart for?

Now you want to get it tattooed
And I say you’ve got nothing to lose
There’s no getting younger
And I’ve tried to warn you it’s just something I do
We’ve got a Summer to burn
And I’ve got your body to learn
So set out the good china and I’ll stand beside ya
‘Til you tell it’s my turn

So you buy the 40’s and I’ll buy the liquor
I’ll get you a boxed wine if it gets you there quicker
But tell Jacksonville city I think she is pretty
Though I found another now that my supper’s been set
On the good china I’ve met